How Is Leen Adjusted?

Leen can be adjusted by moving the lever on the side and sliding the unit up or down depending on the user’s height, body type and preference. Both the lever and unit require minimal pressure to adjust, and the result is comfortable lumbar and hip support. Leen provides optimal posture support for users between 5 feet 4 inches and 6 feet 2 inches tall when mounted at the recommended height. The unit can be mounted lower for shorter individuals and children, or higher for taller individuals. 

Check out our adjustment video below.

Leen Tutorial

An alternative to traditional seating

How Do I Install Leen?

Leen is mounted to a wall using designated attachment points. Leen can be installed directly into concrete, studs or drywall. If attaching to drywall where no stud is available, weight-rated drywall anchors are required.

Click here to view or download installation instructions.

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What Are The Cleaning Guidelines For Leen?

All components of Leen may be cleaned with standard soap products as well as household solutions containing bleach or other disinfectants. Leen is constructed of an internal steel frame and thermoplastic nylon, and is covered by an antimicrobial foam cushion.