Outdoor Use

Public & Private Spaces

Public Spaces

Designed to provide a moment of rest and relief, Leen offers the perfect solution for people seeking a break from fatigue in various outdoor locations.

Whether you're unwinding on a patio, relaxing by the lake, waiting at transit stations, exploring vibrant malls, or immersing yourself in the beauty of parks, Leen is your trusted companion. Indulge in much-needed rest and reclaim your love of the outdoors with Leen's one-of-a-kind experience.

Private Spaces

Step into a world where patience meets comfort with Leen – your ultimate social distancing companion. Whether you're a customer patiently waiting to enter bustling businesses or a stationary staff member working outdoors, Leen has got you covered. This ingenious solution ensures that you can maintain a safe distance without compromising on convenience or comfort.

From providing a secure and stress free experience for customers outside establishments to offering reduced fatigue for hardworking staff members, Leen is here to change the way we look at our day to day lives. Embrace the comfort, and let Leen be your trusted partner in creating a relaxing and fatigue free environment for everyone involved.