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Introducing leen

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Leen is a wall-mounted temporary body support which provides instant relief from fatigue and discomfort associated with sitting or standing for long periods of time.

Leen’s innovative ergonomic design provides lumbar and lower body support which is comfortable, easy to use, sturdy and adjustable to accommodate most body types.

An Alternative to Traditional Seating

Leen is a cost effective and space efficient alternative to chairs, benches and other forms of traditional seating.

Leen requires minimal touch and is easy to clean. When multiple units are spaced 6 feet apart, Leen can be used to encourage social distancing.

Leen Anywhere

Leen is very durable and is designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

Health & Wellness

To remain healthy the human body needs movement and variation in posture, such as shifting frequently between sitting, standing and walking. Leen provides a healthy option for postural variation through contoured, cushioned leaning.

Leen is for everyone and is especially helpful to those with issues involving their back, legs and feet. It is also very beneficial to people dealing with fatigue and conditions such as arthritis and chronic pain.

What leen users are saying

A local business in Ontario had a Leen for customers waiting to checkout. I have bad sciatic pain when standing or sitting for too long, so I rested on the Leen. I instantly felt better and even let the person behind me go first. Leen should be everywhere!

– Greg

Leen is absolutely amazing! You immediately feel the relief of weight from your feet and legs and the incredible support in your lower lumbar. I bought one and installed it on my deck. Very satisfied with this product and would recommend everyone try it out!

– Robert

Leen benefits the users with that “off your feet” feeling that we crave after a long day on them. I highly recommend introducing Leen into your life.

– Dr. Jay Rappazzo

I was intrigued when I saw Leen. I tried it and wondered why this simple, elegant solution for leaning and resting is not already in all public places. It’s very sturdy and adjusts to fit everyone. Thank you from this business owner and satisfied customer.

– Mary

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